The origin of Brie is missing. At the time of the Romans, each farm manufactured its typology of Brie (Provins, Nangis, Montereau ...).

Today, those of Meaux and Melun benefit from a Protected Denomination of Origin. Designated as Talleyrand's "King of Cheeses" in 1815 on the occasion of the Vienna Congress, Brie de Meaux remains today an iconic cheese. It is probably the most consensual French cheese. The name "Meaux" remains the reference among the Bries. It is a guarantee of quality.


Brie de Meaux is made with raw milk.


It takes more than 25 liters of milk to produce a 3.3 kg cheese. The milk ferments in vats for 16 hours, then is put in basin with rennet to be curdled. The curd thus obtained is then cut vertically using a curd-slicer. Finally, it is molded by hand in thin layers with a "Brie shovel", a kind of large skimmer. The managers of the cellars of the cheese factory in Raival live their cheeses as the seasons go by. They question themselves every day and adapt the ripening conditions according to the evolution of their cheeses. The Bries de Meaux reach their full maturity after 6 to 8 weeks of ripening. Throughout this period, the cheeses are turned regularly by hand. Always creamy, unctuous and tasty, our Brie de Meaux is made from traditionally handcrafted raw milk and will satisfy the most demanding.


Brie 200gm

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