Located in Upper Corsica, in Lucciana, since 1983, Societe Fromagere Corse offers a range of cheeses illustrating the Corsican shepherds know-how. The men and women of the cheese factory are working to conserve and enhance the traditions and the wealth of the land of the Island of Beauty also nicknamed the Isle of Shepherds. Shepherds are integral part of Corsica. The mountainous landscape makes raising sheep easier than raising cows.


The cheese dairy collects and processes the milk of 70 shepherds producing sheep milk Corsican grazing in a perimeter of 200 kilometers maximum around the cheese. These ewes can walk about ten kilometers a day to feed and produce an average of 140 liters of milk per year per head. This flavor-rich milk is collected between October and July to keep pace with the natural production of ewes. Cheeses are not produced the rest of the year.


Made from 100% Corsican sheep's milk, this washed rind will be regularly rubbed with a mixture of water and chestnut beer, a traditional and emblematic Corsican signature. This stage allows it to develop subtle woody notes and a beige-orange crust. Casanu rubbed with chestnut beer is the result of a 100% Corsican know-how, a soft-hearted cheese that has won several awards at the Concours General Agricole.


Casanu per piece (210gm)

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