At the end of the 19th century, Pierre Hivert, a farmer based in Saint-Julien-de-Concelles, met a clergyman visiting the region. On the advice of this priest, Pierre Hivert starts making a new cheese, the "Régal des Gourmets". This cheese, square in shape at the angles softened and rubbed with salt water, will take a few years later the name of "Curé Nantais" in tribute to the clergyman.


For 4 generations, the cheese dairy has remained in the family and cheeses have earned their place in the gastronomy of Nantes. In 1980, Georges Parola takes over the cheese factory and installs it in Pornic. This cheesemonger, son and grandson of cheesemonger, passionate of local products, decides to perpetuate the manufacture of this cheese in the respect of the traditional gestures.


The milk of cows, collected morning and evening among the 5 producers in the county of Retz, is placed in the traditional copper tanks to be slightly heated. The curd is obtained by adding natural rennet, it is cut into strips and then grains. The curd is then molded to the desired shape and the mold is returned at regular intervals. Once demolded, the cheese is placed for 4 weeks in a cool and humid cellar on spruce boards. During these 4 weeks, the cheeses are washed every two days with salt water. Production does not exceed 2000 cheeses due to the use of raw milk.The Curé Nantais has a soft and melting dough that exudes delicate and fruity aromas. This cheese and its beautiful orange crust goes very well with a beer.

Cure Nantais per piece (200gm)

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