The origin of this cheese dates back to the 12th century; it was a soft cheese created by Cistercian monks. It was then called "Angelot" and served as a means of exchange and tax. It will be called "Augelot" after the name of Pays d'Auge, then Pont-L'Eveque, the name of the small town between Lisieux and Deauville which had one of the most important markets in the region. It will adopt its definitive square form in the eighteenth century to avoid confusion with Livarot. He has had a Protected Designation of Origin since 1972.


Today cheese making, refining and packaging are carried out within a geographical area comprising the grassland areas of Basse-Normandie and Eure. Our Pont-l'Eveque comes from the cheese dairy Clecy. This small entity is located in the heart of the Suisse Normande, a very hilly and bocage dairy region located south of Caen. This heart-melting cheese has a creamy dough and a fine crust, with blond and orange colors that give it a subtle taste. Then Pont-l'Eveque refined for a minimum of 5 weeks. Tasting Pont-l'Eveque is done naturally with a country bread, a cereal bread or a gingerbread


Pont-l'Eveque per piece (400g)

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