Reblochon is born in the thirteenth century in the heart of the Aravis massif, in the Pays de Thones in Haute-Savoie. At that time, the farmer who rented a pasture owed to the owner a payment proportional to the quantity of milk produced. When the owner came to measure the production, the farmer then practiced an incomplete milking. As soon as he left, the farmer "rebloched", that is, he finished milking the cows. This milking, giving the "second milk is fatter than the milk from first milking, allowed to make a creamy cheese:  The Reblochon.


Our farmhouse Reblochon is made by producers within the area designated by the appellation then refined by the Farto Cooperative of Thones. The specificity of this farmhouse cheese comes primarily from the know-how of the producers. Today, it is made in the farm just after milking, according to a know-how passed down for generations and adapted to current requirements. Thus, each producer benefits from an individualized quality follow-up. The farmer Reblochon is easily recognizable with its green pellet applied to the cheese during its production. Made twice a day, the milk comes only from the herd of the exploitation composed of regional breeds, mainly Abondance, but also Tarine and Montbeliarde. Their diet consists of grass in summer and hay in winter as well as cereals. The Farto Cooperative Thones selects only about forty producers out of 130 producing Reblochon farmer. Innovative in its refining techniques while ensuring respect for ancestral traditions, it has recently renewed the refining equipment and remade its cellars in order to obtain the ideal hygrometry and temperature. Cellar chefs thus benefit from the best conditions to express all their know-how and to best reveal the typicality of each farm product. The texture is creamy thanks to the care provided during its maturing for a minimum of 19 days. The dough has a very fine taste which evolves with the seasons, because of the quality of the milk which varies according to the feeding of the cows. Not everyone can have access to the Reblochons of the Thones Farto Cooperative. His reserve is destined first Savoyards, then cheese creamers and finally a few privileged such as us.


Reblochon per 100gm

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