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Gouda is a pressed cheese made in the Netherlands in the province of North Holland. It owes its name to a small port of the same name. Located in the north of Amsterdam, this province formerly covered by the sea is known for its polders (expanses of land won over the sea), where graze today cows. The secret of Gouda lies in this peculiarity. Indeed, on these clay soils grows a grass with a unique composition, rich in minerals and slightly salty. This diet allows the cows to produce a rich milk of superior quality that gives Gouda its taste.

The Gouda of North Holland has a Protected Denomination of Origin . For this, the milk must come exclusively from cows that graze on the pastures of the province and the cheese must be made in the same territory. It is then refined on raw wooden planks for 1000 days. This traditional method ensures a refinement of superior quality. Vergeer Holland is a family business located since 1640 in Reeuwijk, in the green heart of Holland. Over the centuries, the company has specialized in refining the best cheeses on raw wooden boards.

12 months Gouda per 200gm

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