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The legent of Roquefort was born at the foot of the mountain Combalou, not far from Causse du Larzac. Like a fairy tale, everything started with "Once upon a time, a shepherd in love with a shepherdess ...".
One day, this shepherd decided to go join his beautiful in the valley. He left a bread and curd cheese in a cave, which served as his shelter, and gave his dog the care of his flock. When he returned to his cave, after long hours of walking, he found his curd covered with mold. No doubt surprised but hungry, he tasted and found the curd an unusual and pleasant flavor. The cave of Combalou had just revealed to him a treasure, the humble shepherd had invented the cheese of Roquefort. The Roquefort took a real boom thanks to the charter of Charles VI, which gave the monopoly of the refining of this cheese to its region of origin.
In accordance with the regulations, Roquefort is made from Lacaune sheep's milk. They populate the preserved and wild grasslands of the Causses plateaux. This nature gives their milk the aromas that give Roquefort Maria Grimal authentic and refined flavors. The milking takes place daily in the sheepfolds, then the milk is collected and conveyed to the dairy.


Our Roquefort is from Maria Grimal dairy. Who was Maria Grimal? A demanding woman with an energetic character, Maria Grimal worked all her life to ensure the expansion of the Aveyronnaise family business founded by her father, Auguste Grimal, in 1865 in Roquefort-sur-Soulzon. In the history of Roquefort, the one that was nicknamed then "The Demoiselle" was the only woman to have imposed itself in this milieu of men at the end of the 19th century.

She paid particular attention to her staff, whom she chose and trained herself. As she said so well: "la Qualitat dels omes fa la qualitat dels formatges", which means in Occitan that "the quality of the men makes the quality of the cheeses". A visionary who still inspires generations of cheese makers and refiners who pass on their unique know-how with passion.

Roquefort per 100gm by Cheese Master Rodolphe Le Meunier

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