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Installed since 1912 in Torro Vescovato in Corsica, the Pierucci family was originally a family of shepherds who specialized in cheese making and diversified and expanded each year. On their production site, the Pierucci family have cellars that have been renovated and enlarged, they were used in the 1930s to ripen Roquefort from Maria Grimal. The Pierucci family sources milk from 82 producers in the northern half of Corsica and produces around 700 tonnes of cheese a year thanks to the 30 employees working at the cheese factory.


The milk used to make the Flavor of the Maquis is Corsican sheep's milk. These black or white ewes are raised in the meadows which are very popular land in Corsica because only goats can graze in the more steep mountainous areas. Corsican ewes are walking sheep that can roam about ten kilometers a day to feed. They spend their day outdoors and only return for milking and eating a ration of a mixture of corn, barley and oats. An ewe produces an average of 140 liters of milk a year, a milk rich in flavors.



Michel Pierucci, who took over the management of the family business alongside his two sisters, came up with the idea of creating the Flavor of the Maquis during a visit to the Rungis market. He chose to develop a fresh sheep cheese coated with aromatic herbs to offer a cheese with a delicate and fine taste.



Once drained, the cheese is placed in anaerobic refining for a minimum of 20 days to keep its moisture and texture smooth. Once this time has passed, the cheese is hand-coated with a mixture of dried aromatic herbs. The cheese is ready to be tasted! Once in the packaging, because of its moisture, color spots may appear: they are a sign of quality and the cheese is then said to be flowery. If you doubt it, the best is to test it!





Saveur Du Maquis per piece (300gm)

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