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Best Quality CHEESES From France and other Countries

follow us to discover the best  Artisanal and Farmer cheeses produced in the world

The Best Cheese Shop in Hong Kong

TOP Cheeses are Handcrafted by Artisans and Farmers

We are directly importing our cheeses from Rodolphe Le Meunier. World Best Cheese Master 2007. One of the 20 who passed the most selective French exam as France Best Cheese Master. Similar to an exceptional wine critic, they have extensive knowledge about process, history and are able to identify the best producers of selected cheeses. They know the makers and work together with to get each cheese that they selected to be of the highest quality in their own category. Most of the cheeses we are presenting are raw milk cheese. Few of them are not, but processes are the best, milk used to produce the cheeses are the best...

You will find our cheeses in  places where people care